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Helen is a professional Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer, with over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry. Registered with BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) who is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. 

As a child I used to love food, it was a shared pleasure with my beloved Grandad (Hedley) however being overweight and the subsequent teasing at school sent my relationship with food and my body image the other way leading me to years of negative body image and eating disorders which played havoc with my health & fitness leading to constant injury, over-training burn out and digestive problems.  My recovery ultimately came about from learning about health and nutrition, how to fuel my body correctly and to see food as friend not foe. 

It is said that education is key, this was certainly the case for me; the more I learnt the stronger I became both in mind and body.  I then gained my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, and shortly after started my 3 year Nutritional Therapy Diploma.  My interest in education is now ongoing with my career where I am constantly reviewing the latest research & continue my professional education. I am also UK Anti Doping Clean Sport Advisor and currently studying for my Sports Performance Nutrition Diploma with the Institute of Performance Nutrition.

My aim now is to help others with support and education in nutrition and lifestyle to support you in your own health goals.

If you are looking to find a Nutritional Therapist please get in touch to learn more about services and to book your nutritional consultation.


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